Why is KW a Technology Company?

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At the Keller Williams convention in 2017, affectionately known as Family Reunion, the company’s Leadership Council voted that Keller Williams will be a “Technolgy Company” as well as a Training Company and a Real Estate Company. This is because if Keller Williams did not get ahead of the technology, other technology companies would take over our industry. We are seeing this every day where mortgage companies are buying real estate companies, or other companies are trying to remove the real estate agent from the transaction (I won’t name names in this blog post). By buying real estate companies they gain access to the agent’s data to include their database. Buy removing the agent from the transaction, they collect the commissions.

Keller Williams Realty

Gary vowed that he would protect our jobs by protecting data so that other companies could not have access to our client database and would reinvest over $1,000,000,000 ($1B) in technology that would help the Keller Williams agent be more successful.

He started by hiring some of the top software developers in the industry. They started by building Keller Cloud where all the data resides and can be integrated across the different platforms. This includes MLS data from across the country collected for years, all sales data from KW agents, goals, statistics, marketing campaigns, and other materials collected from agents, teams, leadership, and anyone else willing to share.

They then started working with top agents to build systems using the data from the Keller Cloud, systems that would replace the “bolt-on” technology that Keller Williams partnered with in the past, and would become exclusive to Keller Williams agents. These agent “LABS” occurred almost daily for the past two years culminating into KW Command, the agent platform for managing their business, and Kelle, the agent’s phone app.

At Family Reunion 2019, KW Command was released across the company providing a contact database, referral network, group networking, marketing platform to include marketing to social media, a platform for managing opportunities such as tracking future business as well as current transactions, landing pages, report function, campaigns, smartplans, etc.. All functionality is driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and available on Kelle allowing the agent to have a more personal connection with their clients.

Next will be the new app for clients. We currently have a mobile search app, this will be expanded to include functionality driven by KWCommand to help the clients find their perfect home based on their “Home DNA”, and help them through the buying or selling process with updates to the transaction. This is expected to be released early summer 2019.

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